Why is Boris Johnson so popular? He appears as the oafish bumbler with bedraggled hair and an air of being unprepared but I have never believed that routine. Moreover, I see a fiercely ambitious, conniving, publicity hungry man of inaction who would rather delegate any responsibility unless it involves a free meal or an appearance to camera. 

When you examine the jobs he’s had; journalist, editor of a magazine, MP and Mayor of London, these are not jobs that fall into the laps of bumbling oafs. Rather they are sought-after by a feverishly ambitious person, determined to self-publicise themselves into contention. 

But suddenly he’s become Mr Popular. Admittedly 50% of those who bothered to turn up at the last Mayoral election in London i.e. one every five people, did actually vote for Boris but even then when you’re popular with 20% of the electorate you can’t be THAT popular can you? 

It was this electoral victory that made me take back what I’d said about the USA voting George W in twice. There was a time I ridiculed that nation for also having the ‘Jerry Springer Show’ with its regular gawp at dysfunctional families. But we eventually got Jerry AND now we have Jeremy Kyle.

It now appears as though Boris is being championed as a successor for his party’s leadership once the current incumbent messes up so badly he’s forced to quit. But will ‘Mr Bumble’ actually take on this challenge or merely delegate it? Only time will tell. But have YOU been taken in?